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Product details
The world renowned Model SADP-D digital, portable dewpoint meter from Shaw Moisture Meters offers an easy to use hygrometer for fast and reliable trace moisture measurement.

Designed to operate at atmospheric pressure, the Model SADP-D features a large, easy to read LCD indicator scaled in °C dewpoint or °F dewpoint.

The key to the SHAW SADP-D dewpoint meter is the unique desiccant head and sensor assembly which allows the sensor to be kept dry between tests, ensuring that the instrument is always available for rapid spot checks of moisture in gases and compressed air. Note the absence of knobs, calibrating, cooling and servicing as required by some other methods and the automatic dry down measuring head which ensures quick response from the sensor.

Certified intrinsically safe for use in hazardous environments to ATEX and IECEx standards.

The key to the Model SADP-D portable dewpoint meter is the SHAW dewpoint sensor which allows a rapid one second response time from dry to wet. The SADP-D instrument is simple to use, blocking the outlet with a finger for a moment raises the measurement head, allowing a speedy measurement of the sample gas.

100% UK Origin

SHAW Vietnam

Model: SADP-D-G
Shaw Automatic Dewpoint Meter Digital Range Grey -80/0 Deg C DPC/W Standard Accessories inc. Carrying Case, 2m PTFE, Pressure Calculator,Screwdriver & Allen Key.Instrument supplied meets the requirements of ATEX certification.See website for details.


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